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We're having a baby girl.

"A gender reveal party where it's just you and your partner in a doctors office and you ask your doctor what the gender of your baby is and then they tell you and then you go home." - @jordanrubiks

Finding out our baby is a girl was extremely exciting, but publicly celebrating the gender of our child just isn't for me. So, we went in at 17 weeks and found out it was a girl... then we confirmed it at our 21 week scan. 💜One of my favorite songwriters said it best on twitter...

We're excited for this new dynamic! Quincy having a baby sister will be new. Being a mom to two girls will be new for me and mimi being a dad to two girls will be new for him. It feels like becoming a family of four happened over night. Life really does happen while you're living.

Baby girl is super active. I wish someone had told me that feeling your baby move, feels like an alien knocking on the inside of your uterus. I have an anterior placenta, so it'll be a few more weeks until anyone else can enjoy feeling the baby move around. Having that added cushion between the baby and the outside world have given me a little more quality time with the baby before the rest of the world is introduced to her wild kicking and backflips.

Today, I'm 22 weeks 3 days.Enjoy some of baby girl's cute ultrasound scans below. That's about it folx.

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