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My favorite pastel hair transformation.

Hair by: Mandie Whitesides // Product: Limecrime

If you know me in real life, you know that my hair doesn't stay the same color for long. A lot of that is thanks to my "go-to" hairstylist Many Whitesides in Ogden, Utah. Of all the colors I've done, here is my favorite pastel hair transformation.

Some back story: I've been doing pastels for 2 years now. Before deciding to go colorful, I was deathly afraid of damaging my hair. I also didn't want to be stuck with one fashion color forever, fearful of the color never coming out.

THANKFULLY that has not been the case. Because I get my hair professionally done.

There are plenty of "how-to" blogs and video tutorials on how to get the "perfect" unicorn hair, but I promise you it is not worth it. ESPECIALLY if you are a natural brunette like me... get your hair done by a professional.

This sherbet fashion color is my all time fave of all the hair colors I've done. Here's a fun transformation vid of the whole process.

How to keep pastel hair vibrant:

  • Wash with cold water only. I sit on my knees in an empty bathtub and hang my head forward (with my hair flipped over) to wash and rinse my hair. I just use a glass to rinse my hair with clean cold water.

  • Use heated tools once a week only.

  • Use a good hair oil morning and night. My favorite is a brand called "BATHPACK" below.

  • Wash your hair only once a week. I try not to "scrub" and only put shampoo on my roots and conditioner on my ends. Some shampoos can be drying to your ends and some conditioners can make your scalp overproduce oils making you need to wash your hair more frequently. The goal is to wash your hair as least as possible. It's not as gross as it sounds lol.

  • Don't overdo the dry shampoo because it's drying and damaging. The less you use dry shampoo the less you need it. Never put dry shampoo on your ends.

  • Take a biotin supplement.

Here are a few of my favorite products that helped keep this color strong, vibrant, and healthy:

Leave your hair questions below and I'll answer them the best I can my friends!



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