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Home remedies for acne (fertility-friendly).

Although I'm 27 years old, my battle with acne has no intention of ending anytime soon. I've tried every over the counter wash, topical cream or gel, herbal supplement and prescription acne treatment over the last ten years with only one magic fix... spironolactone.

A tiny round white pill that costs hardly anything, spironolactone is a diuretic used to treat high blood pressure and high levels of the hormone aldosterone. In short, when paired with hormonal birth control, it's a miracle pill that blocks androgens from over-producing sebum (the acne-causing gunk).

The problem with spironolactone? It isn't for the "trying to conceive" or "pregnant" because of it's androgen altering effect. And since I've been trying to conceive for the last 8 months, I've sadly had to step away from my favorite little miracle drug.

Immediately after stopping spironolactone, my acne came back in full force.

Managing acne > curing acne.

Bluntly, home remedies for acne are more focused on managing acne than curing it. I don't believe there are any cure-alls for hormonal adult acne that are safe for the "trying to conceive", mostly because curing hormonal acne means altering your hormones in a way that doesn't benefit your reproductive system or a growing fetus.

So with this new mindset of managing our acne over curing it... here are a few home remedies for acne that when used in combo can help minimize the agony of our adult acne.

1. Probiotics

The type of bacteria in our gut controls much of our physical and mental health, especially our skin. Healthy bacteria breaks down food and turns nutrients into things our body can use... so when our guts are out of wack, you can imagine the havoc our bodies go through.

A healthy gut can be influenced by what we eat, so a healthy dose of "probiotics" (the good gut bacteria) in our diet can straighten out a bad gut. These probiotics add to the bacteria in our intestinal tract and help balance everything out. Trader Joe's drinkable Kefir is my favorite go-to probiotic, but I also take an oral acidophilus supplement.

2. Facial steaming

Facial steamer for acne

You don't need a fancy tool to get a nice hot facial steam. I honestly just use my water boiler and open the lid for about 4 minutes while I hang my face over the steam. This also helps my nasal passages and chest open up a bit, so you get double the health benefits. I do this routine about 2x a week after I shave and exfoliate, but before I pat any serums on my skin.

3. Shave and exfoliate

Shaving my face was a big leap for me. I was curious about waxing my face first, but waxing wasn't sustainable for me. I can't commit to a wax appointment every 2 weeks... so I took the risk and bought a pack of touch-up razors. Through a few trials, I found that shaving my face with a touch-up razor while dry is the best. It really exfoliates my skin and not only removes my facial hair but "scrapes" that top layer of dead skin which usually falls into my pores and turns into acne. I reuse each blade about twice, then toss it. Don't forget to clean the blade with peroxide or alcohol after each use.

4. Curology

I'm not getting paid or getting free product from Curology for this article. This is just my honest experience with Curology. Their 3 step regimen doesn't totally suck. But it's not a cure-all either. What makes this "acne product" different is that it includes dermatologist prescribed topical ingredients. So it's not just over the counter benzyl or salicylic acid. I like going through Curology instead of my dermatologist for this stuff because it's on a subscription and it gets sent to my house every 2 months without me having to think about getting a refill or going to the pharmacy or dermatologist.

When you sign up for Curology, you'll be assigned a provider that you can discuss your treatment plan with online. So for me, I told my provider that I'm trying to conceive and can't take anything that would affect that negatively. Make sure to be thorough with your provider about your skincare needs.

I also appreciated the free trial. It made me feel safe enough to ditch the product if it didn't work for me.

Share your journey.

If any of these treatments work for you, I'd love to hear about it! Just Tweet me @jessicafrech or shoot me a DM on Instagram. Best of luck on your acne journey!

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