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Halloween 2019

Pirate costume
October 31, 2019

Arrr matey

Quincy had three halloweens this year... and Mimi and I took full advantage of the "after bed candy binge" that three tick-or-treats had to offer. Benefits of a split family 🙃.

Our pirate obsessed three year old turned the adorable meter to 100 while delivering an accurate "arrr, tick-or-treat" impersonation to all the candy holders on our town's center street. Luckily, Quincy's costume was powerful enough to fill in for Mimi and I's lack of pirate spirit. Spending $60 on a costume that wouldn't flatter my 19 week pregnant waist didn't sound fun, so I pulled from my closet to throw together the closest thing I could to a pirate. And Mimi... well, he went for the "Jim Halpert" type of spook this year. Can you guess what he is? Tip: it is pirate themed.

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